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Digital publishing is one of the most accurately measurable advertisements. The phrase includes all the publications displayed one screens. It is not only banners and sliders, but interactive PDFs, sortable data-sheets, Online portfolios and magazines, etc. By utilizing the mass of modern giant data transfer, digital publishing can be one of the most significant tool for communicating your brand.

Digital publishing

We provide Online forms, publications and other important tools to transfer your brand message to the target groups. We persistently develop new techniques to create interactive advertisements for customers.

These types of advertisements can be displayed on various screens, like monitors, smartphones, tablets, touch screens, etc. We talk to people like people, and not like brand. We make them interact with the advertisement and this way they get in the focus of our message.

Our digital magazines are full of rich media and interactivity, which can be accessed regardless where you are. We convert the digital or print content suitable for touchscreen devices, or create a brand new design from scratch to make it available in a manner that promotes increased visibility and access. We create digital contents, that meet the highest quality standards and are based on the latest techniques like:

  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Audio and Video embedding
  • JavaScript functionality
  • Styling and Visual Design
  • Rich Media
Digital publishing - Portfolio
Digital publishing - Kangoo Club Canada

Some interesting data

  • 26% prefers digital published magazines to printed versions.
  • 200% is the increase of digital publishment readers from August 2012 until February 2013.
  • 3000 new job opportunities for the 30 largest online publishers.
  • 66% regularly use the tablet for reading news.
  • 285000 people subscribed to the digital version of Financial Times compared to the 305.000 for the printed version.
  • 45% use tablet while watching television.