Market Store - LED Light - Brand Development

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Project description

Market Store provides the latest technologies in the LED lightning industry. It was a great honor when we received the request for brand development. After analyzing the product supply and the activity, together with the founder we agreed that only a strong brand is needed with trustworthy and confident characteristics. According to this the logo design is created by applying vivid colors and modern, bold typographic elements.

On the business-card along with the colors and elements used in the logo, a modern QR code is inserted. By scanning the QR code with a smart-phone, users are directed to the Market Store E-commerce site, where they can find the latest news, informations about the products and with some clicks they can easily buy them.

We developed a modern, safe and fast E-Commerce site. To reach a much bigger possible consumer amount, we developed the site in responsive design. If the user got the necessary information or came by already in the possession of them, the main goal was to provide a comfortable and user-friendly interface to help them buy the products. Towards this, we inserted filters and seriously increased performance of the site. The webpage has very short response period and thanks to the responsive design, all the functions are available on all kinds of devices, no matter if it is a smart-phone, tablet or desktop environment. Buyers can choose from various shipment and payment methods. The color tone of the lights provided by these LED lights, are marked by a symbolic ribbon on the edge of image, which are displayed dynamically from the database. This makes the product supply easy to look through.