Corporate Identity design - T.O.M. Controll

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Project description

T.O.M. Controll 2001 is a Hungarian company specialized in facility management, physical and electronic security, protection of non-material possessions, patrol service, cleaning and maintenance and office supplies. The company required a full online and offline identity change. The chosen colors are exe-catching but notostentatious, and are meant to transmit reliability and stability (blue), and also professionalism and experience (grey). The logo design was inspired by the 3-letter company name - referring to the 3 owners -, its parts were marked with different colors. The outlines and sides of the logo are parallel, their angle are equal, so the shape is well-ballanced, proportionate and this way represents order and precision.
Client: T.O.M. Controll 2001 Zrt.
Published: 2016-05-15
Service: Branding