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Visual Design

Visual Design

Visual Design is a unique and universal communication tool where we don’t need words. This kind of communication is based on images and the emotional effect caused by these images. This is complex task including color and typography choice, graphic design or redesign for the targeted media based on research. Our experienced professionals – gifted with marketing and advertising attitude – can help you with creating printed ads (flyers, placards, etc.), Online sliders, or managing a complete advertising campaign.

Digital Publishing

Digital Publishing

Digital publishing is one of the most accurately measurable advertisements. The phrase includes all the publications displayed one screens. It is not only banners and sliders, but interactive PDFs, sortable data-sheets, Online portfolios and magazines, etc. By utilizing the mass of modern giant data transfer, digital publishing can be one of the most significant tool for communicating your brand.

E-Commerce site development

E-Commerce Solutions

These days consumer can shop anytime, anywhere with a various ways. We develop systems to provide smooth shopping on different devices like desktop computers and smartphones. Our E-Commerce Solutions cover many user-friendly functions to make shopping easier and faster, alongside with many shipping methods and payment gateways. We revisioned the everyday administrative jobs and developed modules to significantly decrease the amount of time needed to finish these tasks. This makes the customer service faster and reduces errors.

Brand site design and development

Brand Site Development

Our belief is that a brand site can be the main pillar of an Online campaign. The Internet these days is inevitable from the marketing, advertisement and public relation activity of a company. It is of great importance to a company, because with only one investment you can reach large numbers of people. Our brand site development is independent from company size or activity. You can target local, countrywide or international visitors. Strategic plan, webdesign and development, all these can be solved within doors.

Névjegykártya tervezés - ONE Fashion Budapest

Brand Development

Brand is a promise. Think about the greatest brands: Shell, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Apple, etc. If you think about these names, you clearly know what they promise. Our job is to create this kind of promise and to set it in people’s minds.

In the other hand a brand is a logo, a slogan, a typography, a design, colors, price range, service, attitude, etc.

The most important thing is to emphasize this characteristic, promise, attitude in a way that can match some customer’s identity. The choice between brands says a lot about the personality.

SEO és Minőség Audit

SEO and Quality Auditing

In this Online world to know your site performance rate and quality index is a must. We make targeted analytics of performance and relevancy. We evaluate Google Analytics and advice methods to improve your search ranking.

Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) is the tool for a successful Online marketing. Usually it is part of a campaign which contains digital publishing, performance improvement alongside with SEO, and together transforms browsers into customers.