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Visual arts, using unusual materials or not everyday techniques, have always captivated the hearts of people. It does not matter if it is about wall paints, oil paints on canvas, sculptures made from extraordinary materials,  these arts always fill the aspire for something beautiful and aesthetic. Searching for new forms and methods in art is a never-ending journey, because while traveling the world we always meet new arts and artists, and fortunately they always change the way we see the world.


The modern technology offers many different and easy-to-handle methods for artists to create their work. Pirography is a type of art, where the artist use heat to create images. Usually on light-colored, neutral patterned wood, they use a heated poker or some other kind of metal. Jordan Mang-osan uses a magnifying glass to utilize the heat of the sun to create detailed images. Jordan, who is from the Mountain Province of the Philippines, uses this unlikely method to express his different view on everyday life. All of his artworks are unique and gratifying. Typically the subject is people living in peace and perfect harmony with nature. These scenes are exotic to urban eyes which are accustomed to Western civilization.

Jordan Mang-osan - Solar Pirography - Portrait

About the Artist

Jordan’s brush is a magnifying glass fastened to a bamboo, and it is used to paint landscapes and indigenous rituals. In the creative moments he paint about the rich heritage of the Igorot people, of which Jordan is a member of. His artworks clearly reflect the view about his home. The Mountain Province is mainly an agricultural territory consisted of endless mountains, big valleys. The primary product is rise in this part of the world. Locals call this place the 8th Wonder of the World. The irrigation is still solved by the ancient system, which funnels down the much rain water falling at the forests at the higher territories. It is a local rumor, that every step would be laid out in a line, it would cover half of the world.